Our Story


Meet Rose & Olive

I chose to name my small business after my two grandmothers as I have a strong connection to my family and heritage and I wanted to honour that.

Meet Danielle

I have always been interested in ways to live a more sustainable life and enjoy being creative. I started making soaps after getting addicted to watching videos of other makers on social media. It looked like a fun way to pass some time and allowed me to know exactly what was in the products my family and I were using.

I got down to some serious research on the cold process method of soap making and trying to find ways of making my soaps as natural and vegan friendly as possible. 

The results of my research and some trial and error is a range of soaps containing natural ingredients and colourants made in my home workshop in the heart of Scotland. The soaps are cured for up to 6 weeks to produce a longer lasting bar that produces an amazing lather.

Rose & Olive soaps are palm oil free and made with vegan friendly natural oils, clays and colourants.

With essential oils that all provide a range of benefits not solely to your skin but to your mood and overall wellbeing.